ArrayCrvOnSrf failure

I am attempting to array the green bits along a curve on a surface. The command rotates the extrusion to some seemingly arbitrary angle then duplicates down the curve as expected. I need the bits to be rotated per the surface normal. I believe this worked that way in the past. Any thoughts.

TIA ~ Robb

ArrayFail.3dm (385.2 KB)

just orient the object in one of the views, then you use ArrayCrvOnSrf. no need to orient the object on the surface to use the command

ArrayFail.3dm (499.1 KB)

Hi Robb - the basis for orientation is the current CPlane - in this case that has the angle of the red guys.

I moved into view here:


Thanks for your input. I see that you got the result I am looking for. I was selecting the object on the end of the curve - not a correctly oriented object at 0. Thanks for the reminder.