Making a hole function in python

I’m trying to make a hole in the model by adding a plane and a circle but I couldn’t find any function in python for such a thing. Please let me know if I’m missing anything.

I even tried clipping the plane in order to delete but it only delete’s from the view prospective and the object is still there in the behind.
Is there any other better way to do this ?
I want to create a bounding box at the end of the day after doing these operations.


AddCircle(plane_or_center, radius)

or in RhinoCommon:

You mean something like this?

If not then additional details on what you are really trying to do (and why) might help us all - thanks.

– Dale


Can you upload a model to show what you are trying to do?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Upload sample figures.
The image (Capture 04) is the actual structure of the building and the image (Capture 5) is the expected output. I want to cut the top portion of the building and also I want to make a hole in the structure, just as shown in the image (Capture 5). I’m able to perform this operation from the GUI but I don’t see any function from the python side.
Any lead will be appreciated.

Hi @anandhpe,

This is a Boolean Difference operation.

– Dale