Creating holes using Python

I would like to use MakeHole or RoundHole, but Rhino Python does not recognize these commands. Anyway to create holes in an object?

Specifically, I am going to use a ShopBot to drill many (5000-10000) holes in wood. The holes will be drilled at 4 or 5 different depths. I am told by the ShopBot operator that I need a 2D file that contains layers - each layer contains the holes all at the same depth.

Can RhinoPython do this?

iā€™d clarify with the operator ā€“

does he want actual holes in 3D?
or maybe just circles which are then placed on layers named as the desired depth (i.e. 1/2inch)?
also ask if you can use center points instead.

Yeah, generally circles or center points are all you need. You certainly can create holes in an surface object via python, but that may just be a lot of programming work for nothing if you can use points or circles instead. --Mitch