Creating mouse holes


I am using rhino for a while but I am a rookie on scripting.
I am confused about building the structure of a problem. I need to add arcs (mouse holes) at the corners of parts. on manual approach, I create closed curves then I add circles on the edges, trim and join.

I need to repeat this approx. 4000 times for Approx. 1000 parts and started to wonder if this can be done by a script. I am already using a sequential numbering script. However, I need some help to build it. You may find before and after of the parts that I mention.

This works if the curves are planer.



181023_mouse (8.4 KB)

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Thank you @kiteboardshaper. I tried it but Somehow, I couldn’t run it.

Right click on the ‘geo’ box top left and go to select multiple geometries, select you input curves.

Your input curves need to be on the xy plane, closed, planer and have ‘corners’. The radius for the corner circles will also need to be adjusted to suit your model size/units.



Oops, yz plane with your change.

Nice trick Kite! I am always doing those for pass throughs on metal boat designs. Your idea should save me much time.


I did as you described. I changed xy plane and unit x vector with yz plane and unit y vector. Also I defined the radius to 25mm. But the result was the screen shot.

I will give another shot.

@jodyc111 thats the same reason why I am searching this tool.


I found something. circles created on xy plane. How can I rotate them to yz?

Thanks for your help.

By creating some reference planes.

Tho working in XY plane is more ‘Rhino Style’


DK181023_mouse (9.2 KB)

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Cheers @kiteboardshaper . It didn’t work on every planar closed curve but I think I will solve it.

Another question. How can I add a filter on “Discontinuity” tool? I want to put circles on sharp edges, so if I can add an angle operator to C inf. does it work?

By the way, I changed structure a little bit to make it work on yz plan.

181023_mouse (6.9 KB)

Hi Can,

To be honest I have no experience with the Discontinuity component - I was just having a beer after work waiting for my wife to finish up so we could head home. Your question sounded interesting and I enjoy solving problems when I got a min or two free.

How I would go about doing a selection based on angle is measure the angle at each Discontinuity and use this to cull out the points that are not within the requirements. Will need a little more programming, but not an impossible task.