Make2D arrowheads on all new lines?

I’m working in Rhino 6, Windows.

Trying to make a new make2D export, but for some reason when I run the command, all the newly created lines have arrowheads? I can’t figure out what is different about this file than others to make this happen. I also can’t figure out where the arrowhead toggle is, if there is one? I found the arrowhead command, but that only allows for single curve selection, which is impossibly long for this many curves.

Thanks for any help

That looks very odd… almost as if all your curve objects got turned into arc length dimensions…

Can you post the file here before the Make2D and what criteria you used for the Make2d?

BBPL-Broken Model.3dm (9.3 MB)

Just the basic Make2D settings.

Wow - yep, I see that - completely wacky. @pascal, this one’s for the books…

This is happening in V6 as well by the way. Appears to be OK in V5.

I see it… @marcel4 - any plug-ins involved in making this file?


I made it in grasshopper, no additional plugins.

I’ve gone through and re-baked a new version, it seems to be fine now? The old model still creates arrows though.

Solving this can probably just be for your own enjoyment haha.

systeminfo.txt (2.0 KB)

Hello - the object attributes for the breps do include a start arrowhead… I’d be curious to know how that got there - perhaps by copying attributes from some input objects in a script?