Make2d default settings export with bad/extra lines

Hello! When I export, my apparently fine looking object in make2d, it results in the drawing to have a number of excessive lines an showing information behind the object. The make2d settings are default as shown in the picture and there are no objects behind my camera.

I have attached some pictures for any helpful soul to understand my problematic better:

The Make2D functionality in Rhino 5 is a bit buggy. As owner of a Rhino 5 license, you can test a Work-in-Progress version of Rhino 6. Make2D is totally rewritten in that version and it would be interesting to see how it deals with your model. Log into discourse with the eMail address that you used to register your license and you will have access to the Serengeti group where you will find a link to the download.

Update, this -glitch- seems to occur only after I tried to shear the drawing. ???

Thank you wim for the reach out, as i’m at my work computer I am unable to install any new software, hoping this can be resolved in another way, Best