Make perf have depth and cut surfaces

I am trying to create a panel with perforation pattern in it. When I put it on the model I cannot seem to get it to cut through the surface I want. It is connected to that surface but the holes wont cut that surface for some reason. What is wrong in my map? It probably needs to be extruded somewhere but I’m not sure where…
Here is what I did:

CPP1 (26.0 KB)
CPP1 7-11.3dm (531.0 KB)


You could project the boundaries of the pattern on the surface that you’re trying to cut.
And then split it using curves.

Bumpity bump. No help possible from R5 users as your files are R6. You could internalize the geometry in your GH file and… Oh well, never mind.


CPP1 (27.0 KB)

When I download this file, this solution doesn’t seem to pop up