Make layers into alphabetical order

Hi, I’m pretty new to rhino and currently using rhino 5 for Mac.

I wonder is it possible to make layers into alphabetical order since I imported my dwg file from Vectorworks and it transferred my classes into layers (which is fine) but in the wrong order. I got like 50 classes now in disorder and the line types of each layer is not working as well. Is there any solution for the layer problem of imported file?

If you click on the Name (column title) it sorts by name, including sub-layers.


// Rolf

It does in Windows Rhino but IIRC, this is not (yet) available in Mac Rhino.

Aha OK, I didn’t notice this was about Mac.

// Rolf

I did try that but didn’t work (and yes it’s about Mac lol). But still thanks for answering!

This is a known issue:

RH-36493 Layer panel: Layer sorting not fully supported

we would like to address.