Make Copy=YES as

Is long overdue issue of _OrientOnSrf with "COPY"
almost always need a copy of the object.
I wrote a macros but Copy=Yes does not work for OrientOnSrf

_Pause Copy=Yes

I tried different options with this macros. But copies as there was not.

In other commands similar the macros works without problems, such as mirroring:

! Mirror Pause Copy = No (or YES)

There has been a discussion about this: Macro help. Maybe in the next SR.

I see, thanks.
Where is the file with this command?
I think decompile file with _OrientOnSrf command.
I want to make “Copy=YES” as default


That’s because the OrientOnSrf command uses a dialog for its options. You can try -_OrientOnSrf (starting with a dash). It uses command line options.

There is a command that might help, RememberCopyOptions

Hi Kelvin!
Both methods do not work.
If I enter a command by a dash, then there are unnecessary options with scaling and rotation.

Command RememberCopyOptions nothing memorable. The new open file all the default Copy = No