Macro help

i’m trying to make a macro which uses OrientOnSrf… i’d like to use the dashed version in order to suppress the dialog that comes up.

for scale factor, i want 1 and for rotation i want 0

i have this part of the macro written like so:
(prior to this, imagine a vertical plane at the origin 5.5 X 48)

-OrientOnSrf 0,0,5.5 48,0,5.5 Pause Copy=Yes Pause 1 0

the first copy is oriented fine but the next ones prompt for scale&rotation again.

is there a way to make it so the scale factor and rotation stick for all copies? or a way to make this section of the macro repeat until i’m finished placing copies?

(sorry if it’s confusing… i’ll try to clarify if need be)

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Yeah… looks a little ugly to me so far. I’ll see if I can sort it out, we might need some tuneups.



cool, thanks.
i might be at a dead end then for now…

or, even if i use the non-dashed version of orientonsrf, (which will remember the scale/rotation between copies) , i can’t seem to add anything to the macro after that…
does that sound right? if one of those ‘secondary’ type dialogs are in a macro, the macro stops at that point?

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Someone found an answer to this?
My problem is the same, I’m trying to create a Macro for placing objects on a srf, and then after they’re placed, change their names.
But I don’t know how to place commands after _OrientOnSrf inside the macro.
Macros on commands that have several user inputs (orient with copy, curve boolean and etc…) have this problem.
I solved my problem using a different aproach, but I’m curious if this is issue was solved or “hacked”…