Orient On Polysurface

It is often necessary orient on the polysurface.
But unfortunately I can not find this tool in Rhino
Can solve this problem by using scripts or macros?

Also long overdue issue of OrientOnSrf
almost always need a copy of the object.
I wrote a macros but Copy=Yes does not work for OrientOnSrf

_Pause Copy=Yes

Hi! Use _Drape (in shaded mode) to add a temporary surface on which to orient.

Add dash to suppress the dialog for _OrientOnSrf, in which case you can set Copy to Yes:

-_OrientOnSrf _Pause Copy=Yes _Pause

Hi 0netech!
Thank you for drape! It’s a good idea!

But the macro does not work. The object is not copied.
It also adds unnecessary settings with scaling and rotation of the object on the surface