Make a solid with my crockery (plate) its impossible

Postre 5 intento.3dm (6.2 MB) Hi, I want to dead, its impossible to do it. Im was trying to do it 12 times and its impossible. If not is the edges its the polysurfaces… I need help I need to do a 3d printing and extract images of it. Could anyone help me?

Hi Marco - one thing is that the overlapping areas share surfaces that are inside the final volume, if I understand what you are doing -

The surfaces overlap each other but are both, in the area of overlap, inside the volume and need to be cut away, like so - The white cross section has the full thickmess of the part where the surfaces overlap.


Hi Marco! Try using Network!..and when you have each surface you can make an offset of them, and give the right mm to print it 3d. Have you tryed network? i love that tool!

Thank you verte much But its like a overlapping walls of the plate, i will try that But rhino never adjust edges well i have stayed in front of mac 12 hours without results

Wich tool is that? How its used?

Anyone know someone who do it for me? I will pay for it, and teach me with teamviewer online!

Its for me final degree project

In Surface tools, surfaces from network of curves.
Maybe if you watch a tutorial how to use it is better…until you get used…but it’s like you draw the curves of the surface you want to make, then you select each curve and voilá! you get a complicated surface that maybe with sweep2 rail you couldn’t make!

Ah okey, i will try it! Thank you very much tomorrow i m going to do it and then i write here

I’m sorry i can’t do it for you! but tomorrow i will be here too (just in case!)
Sometimes when i don’t know what else to do, i try to start form 0, and use other tools, or other way of drawing the same object.

good luck!

Hi, would it be able for you to post the source images here? Or let me know where to find them? I would like to try and draw the object just as a challenge for myself.

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