Make2D in Technical view on Rhino?

I want to make this object 2D, whilst staying in the technical view port because I need to keep the dotted lines in my drawing. This is currently a 3D object/surfaces. How can I do this? Every time I make2d I lose a lot of the lines and dotted lines


Experiment 2.3dm (7.9 MB)

Do you have the Show Hidden Lines box checked in the Make2D options box?

I checked that box and then it gave me this in 2D, the dotted lines became white… When I export this to illustrator, I need the lines to be dotted. I tried selecting the white lines in illustrator and it wouldn’t let me, maybe because they’re “hidden”

Could it be they are white in illustrator?

i sometimes use similar workflow. I exploit the fact illustrator export generates separate layers for hidden and tangent lines. This allows you to switch off layers in illustrator, change color from white and set the curve/line type to your liking. Also, when you press ctrl+y in illustrator, the underlying beziers are diplayed - so white objects on white backround can be viewed.

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Yes, I just realised, thank you!

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