Maintaining Elefront / User Attributes throughout definition

This might be a stupid question but how does one maintain Elefront / User attributes throughout the definition? Whenever an operation is perfomed, grasshopper outputs new geometry that no longer has the attributes of the input. The only “solution” I see is unwrapping the list containing geometry and attributes, picking the geometry and performing geometry operations, duplicating attributes for the amount of changed geometry and then wrapping it again. I’ve tried to create a cluster but it’s virtually impossible to do that as each geometry operation requires different data processing approach (multiplying, culling, replacing, etc.). Surely there must be a way to do this, I just simply don’t get it…

** To make it clear, there are 5 polylines with a Key “Type”, 2 of them have a Value of “1”, 3 of them have a Value of “2”.

** My “solution” for maintaining attributes (added data multiplication to illustrate the problem).

just maintain your branching and re-assign or use the attributes down the line.

If your branching gets more complex, then trim the list and use the longest list or duplicate data match components.

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That … makes sense I guess. It’s going to be painful to keep inserting this after each operation though.

Thanks for answer!

Generally i only need to do this at end of the script, before baking the final product. Depends on what you’re doing.