Elefront attributes lost While passing through a param in V5


I have started using Elefront V5 and noticed a weird behaviour compared to elefront V4: It seems that the Elefront attributes attached to an object (great Feature) are lost when said object is passed through a param other than “Elefront Data description” (for instance “Curve”) Is it a desired behaviour, wouldnt it be better to keep the attributes until dropped?

This feature is making the reuse of old scripts with New V5 features impossible if you dont rewrite the whole script

I think this is because, by adding the “Curve” geometry type node in between the “Relay” and the “Detach Attributes” you are actually telling Grasshopper it is now a list of curves and not Elefront curves with attached attributes.

This same behavior can be witnessed in the Model Objects of the Rhino 8 WIP.

I’m not a programmer but basically there are “containers” you can put things in within code and the Elefront Attributes component is putting your geometry in a container with additional metadata, by passing it through the “Curve” component you are telling GH to only return the geometry container and not the overall elefront container with the nested geometry container within it.

Does that make sense?

You have to replace your curve component with the relay node, Elefront extended geometry component, or continue to pass the G output of Detach attributes along.

Here’s the extended geometry component in the 08 Params Tab of Elefront 5:

@michaelvollrath yes I agree with your analysis.
Understandable behavior if its the same than what it will be in RH 8WIP.

However, inconsistent behavior when working with “referenced” geometry because then they can be passed without any issue through param containers that are not “Extended geometry” types

I see your point with that yeah.