Maintain dimensions with cage edit

Is there a way to take a 36" square plane and distort with cage edit or some other tool such that the 36" dimension is retained? Just as though I were to take a square piece of paper and bend it in a couple of directions - the actual dimensions of the paper wouldn’t change, it would just bend.

This is for a display of some fancy silk scarfs that are 36" by 36" that are going to be draped over some items. The fabricator is going to use my model as a base to create some plastic forms. The forms have to be correct to the dimensions of the scarves.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

you could use FlowAlongSrf with your plane (scarf) on a preshaped surface and see how you can proceed trim the rest off or reshape it carefully with the 2nd method below after you rebuilt it. its not the most intuitiv method and its not very precise either, but could bring you there if you manually resize the plane according to the area of the outcome. i assume the shape just has to be approximately the size of that scarf.

2nd method would be to relocate the gumball and deform the object through rotation of the points only

this still will not be very precise but can help you to stay somewhere in the limit of the area.

a better solution would be grasshopper, since constraining the area or lets say the length of each side would require a parametric solution.

cage edit will not help you at all since it does not constrain the object.

Thanks for the reply.

Both of your solutions would work but I will have to do many versions of this - (scarves as flags waving in the air, scarves as banners being pulled behind planes, etc) so some form of cage edit that maintained the original dimensions would have been the fastest and most direct way to get it done.

Maybe it’s time to learn grasshopper.

For what I’ve seen, grasshopper and kangaroo are the tools you need for this job. Would like to help but I have no experience with kangaroo…