Macro to manage layers

Has anybody a macro to set several Layers and subLayers On/Off ?
For example (but does not work!!): -_Layer On Layer10/plan1/solid1 (my purpose is to set the sublayer Layer10/plan1/solid1 to ON…)

Use a :: (double colon) to separate the layer levels instead of a slash…

Oh fine !
The work should be achieved with Rhino 8 Layer Manager but it seems it does not work…
Thanks a lot

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It should work:

-_Layer _On "Layer10::plan1::solid1" _EnterEnd

But it won’t work if the parent layers are off…

Thanks !
In fact Rhino is able to save Layers’ config in a file. It’s really helpfull to manage many layers attributes in one time (save and retore tro and from file).