OneLayerOn with sublayers?

Hi McNeelies
Might already be possible… but if not… I would love a “Include sublayers”-switch on the OneLayerOn command. I often work with “empty” layers containing multiple levels of sublayers, containing the actual geometry. If I could right click one of the top layers - could be part of a mechanical assembly or a complete floor in a building - and have that top layer and all its sublayers turned on, that would be neat :slight_smile:
TIA, Jakob


While waiting for this to be implemented (haven’t looked in V7) here is a script that might help. It will turn on the entire layer “tree” of the selected layer - going up to the parent layer if a sublayer is selected, and down to the lowest level of sublayers. (962 Bytes)

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks a lot, Mitch! (@Helvetosaur) And congrats on the “promotion”. As so many others here, you’ve helped me out countless times and I’m happy that we’ll hopefully still get to see you around from time to time!

Thanks again, Jakob

The request was added as RH-50583.

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