MacOS debugging of plugin

I am working on adding support to macOS for a Rhino7 plugin written in C# that is working on Windows. I encountered a problem and attempted to attach Rider’s debugger. Unfortunately I have not been able to figure out how to make this work (I have also tried Visual Studio), so I am writing to ask for guidance.

(1) My first attempt to attach the debugger resulted in failure, with the following message in the OS Console:

Attaching a debugger to Rhino on macOS is not possible by default.

macOSTaskPolicy: ( may not get the task control port of (Rhinoceros) (pid: 2930): (Rhinoceros) is hardened, (Rhinoceros) doesn't have get-task-allow, ( is a declared debugger( is not a declared read-only debugger

(2) I was able to “work around” the first issue by modifying the app permissions to allow debugging, as described here:

With this change the debugger could attach and pause the application, but no breakpoints in my plugin were hit.

NOTE: Unlike Rhino7 for Windows I could not find a way to associate an arbitrary path with a plugin, so the installed plugin was a copy of the built plugin, including the pdb file.

REQUEST: Can someone point me to documentation on how to attach a debugger to a plugin on macOS?

UPDATE: It seems like there is a Xamarin plugin that might work once it is updated, as mentioned here:

Here is a guide for the recommended tools to use for debugging your plug-in on Mac

Thank you Steve,
I should have mentioned that when I attempted to use Visual Studio and created a default Rhino plugin Visual Studio consistently crashed.

Is Visual Studio the one and only IDE that can debug Rhino plugins on macOS?

@ghare I have good results debugging using VS Code