Lunchbox Neural Network Component Seems to be Missing?

I am following a linkedin learning course and in the course I am following uses it, but it seems that on my UI I cant seem to find the “Neural Network” component. The “Neural Network Trainer” and “Neural Network Tester” are present, but just not the “Neural Network” component.

When I pull up the exercise file included with the course, the “Neural Network” component loads, but still can’t seem to find it on my own UI.

I am pretty new to all of this so maybe it is an obvious fix, but help would be amazing!

looks like that component comes from an older version of Lunchbox

[edit: looked like this before last update]

may I ask you in which linkedin learning course you have found it?

Thank you for the response and sorry about the late reply, but its a course by Walter Zesk called
“Grasshopper: Generative Design for Architecture”.

He uses the Neural Network Component in this specific video.

Regression and predictive statistics - Grasshopper: Generative Design for Architecture Video Tutorial | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

In case anyone is stuck on the same tutorial, I got it to work by setting it up this way

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