LunchboxML error

  1. Solution exception:Could not load type ‘Accord.MachineLearning.IParallel’ from assembly ‘Accord, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=fa1a88e29555ccf7’.

Can anyone give me advice to fix this?

Have you unblocked the file?

Yeah all unblicked. Thought it might be to do with COFF settings which did change the error but didn’t fix it

Also, the NeuralNetwork component works but the NaiveBayes component throws the error :frowning:

maybe the example is from a later version of LunchBoxML… would this throw this error?

It’s possible. Don’t know your current settings. You’ve probably set to disable COFF loading already.

All the files are set to Plugin Default…

The NeuralNetwork example file works but the NaiveBayes example throws an error on the NaiveBayes component.