Lucky find: _BooleanIntersection works with history

… and thus enables the creation of animations of the clipping of selected objects in a scene. For example, an animation of fluid flowing through objects is possible. _BooleanIntersection is not listed at the history supported commands at the help page.

Here a quick example - the blue object can be filled with red “liquid” by moving the black help object.



Yes, all the boolean operation now works with history if you keep the original geometry.
The hidden announcement is embedded here Rhino 8 Feature: Constraints

Great, that it will work at Rhino8. Thank you for the note. I forget to say I was talking about Rhino 7. :wink:

Indeed, in his video Joshua uses the Rhino WIP BooleanDifference command rather than BoleanIntersection.
In Rhinos WIP the Deleteinput=No option of BolleanDifference leaves an instance of both the “subtract from” and “subtract with” objects, thus allowing History to be feasible. In Rhino 7 the “substract from” object is always deleted and History lacks the necessary data to work with.

At my Rhino 7 Boolean Difference doesn’t work with History, but I can disable delete input. Boolean Difference works fine, history is available and nothing is deleted. Looks like we have different Rhino 7. :wink:

Your video link doesn’t show a video from Joshua, I see Clayoo videos from MarcPalacios.

But I think anything is fine, only the Rhino 7 help page needs an update for History.

Here is the correct video. Sorry.
I made an issue about the Help page.