Best way to create a Vis Sim type polygonal model... like 3Dstudio or Maya

Tired of searching and not finding anything…

I am currently working on a project that is not in my wheelhouse. I have been modeling and creating meshes with Rhino for years, but have never found a good way to create (what Vis Sim guys would call a GOOD MESH). Rhinos mesher leaves a lot to be desired anyway, but especially when it comes to this sort of mesh creation. Does anyone have any good workflows or tips for creating what would essentially be a video game type model, LOW POLYGON COUNT, HIGH res texture.

I created a solid model of a power line pylon, textured it, and exported as a 3ds file. This works for translation but the poly count is way to high.

Things I’ve tried…
reducemesh (planaronly): Which in typical rhino fashion does not reduce all the planar meshes it coulda/shoulda/woulda…
Quadrangulate mesh: Again in this instance did absolutely nothing, especially with the new options given in rhino7, that seem to make no difference.


Hi Evan - QuadRemesh may be of some use.


@pascal I cannot get quadremesh to work on this level of detail. It turns it into a potato…

Here are some examples of areas where either of the previously mentioned commands should have done something!

And a picture of the model im working with…

That does look like somewhere QuadrangulateMesh should work.
What settings are you using?
Try with Planarity=90 and Rectangularity=0

Ah, yes, that does not look ideally suited to QuadRemesh…


@DanielPiker Right??? No reason it shouldn’t quad those… I tried it with your settings. Nothing happened. Thank you though!

Could you share the file so we can take a look?

Here it is. I am aware there are some places where the model could be better, like the tips of the triangular pieces where the insulators would hang. Pay no attention! lol

Pylon_test.3dm (5.3 MB)

If you don’t mind going into Grasshopper, here’s a script I made a while back for this: (12.1 KB)
which gives this for your mesh:

@DanielPiker That looks like a start, unfortunately i have never ever used grasshopper, but never a better time to start! I cant even figure out how to get it to “run”

First start Grasshopper by typing ‘Grasshopper’ in the command line.
Then open the gh file posted above.
Then right-click the first component in the definition labelled ‘Mesh’, select ‘Set One Mesh’, then in the Rhino window select the mesh you want to quadrangulate.
To get the result back into Rhino you need to ‘bake’ it, which you can do by right clicking the component in the circle labelled ‘NewQuadrangulate’ and choosing ‘Bake’.

thank you so much @DanielPiker this is a great start. I think some geometry changes to remove small surfaces will help even further, and this may work for what I’m trying to do.

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