Louver Optimization to Sun

Hello everyone, for my graduation project i have made vertical louvers as shown in the images to reduce sun exposure, i would like to optimize is using grasshopper but dont know where to start.

are any of these courses helpful?

may this help you?

These are tests for building environment, i am looking at louver optimization to have the minimum sun exposure. , i already have a simple mass with vertical louvers on the walls but i want to optimize its effectiveness.

EDIT: Maybe i was unclear of what i said, i just want to optimise the depth of those vertical panels to minimise sun exposure thats all, i might have some scripts but i do not know how to use them according to my project. its a really simple set of hexagonal masses.

Thank you for your quick response though!

East and west facades are best shaded with vertical fins. For south facades (assuming you are on the northern hemisphere), horizontal louvres work best.

With your vertical-only design you are sacrifising shading performance for design before you even start any optimisation.

@seghierkhaled’s first link is how to simulate the solar radiation on your building. Use your louvers as obstacles (casting shadow -> reduce amount of radiation on your building). This result can be used for your optimizing algorithm. Move/Change depth etc.
And think about what @axa said.

@axa i understand that, its basic architectural understanding, however i was forced upon those vertical louvers all around and no horizontal louvers and i live in Dubai.

@tim.stark that is interesting, so youre saying just apply that method to the building and keep the louvers as they are without imputting them to grasshopper? and do i have to move/change depth manually or is there a way i can make galapagos or any other plugin to do it?

Thanks for helping guys, i really appreciate it!

No that’s not what I wanted to say. Create your Louvres parametricly in grasshopper. Use ladybug inside gh to simulate the radiation input on your surface, use galapagos to optimize them.
This many helps to start:

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That is great! however, is there a way to use the existing louver panels and parametrise them, i followed the way its done in the video but i have a brep not just a surface. i think i have an idea on what to do with radiation but not with galapagos to optimise it, your help is deeply appreciated!

Can you upload your files please? I can’t follow where you are stuck, if you already tried or what the problem is.

radiation_1.gh (409.4 KB)

RHINO FILE: https://we.tl/t-3nPx0zWAcY

check this,will it help by any chance?
SOLARTOOL_VOXELS_Mitric.gh (615.3 KB)

I do not know how to parametrise the current louvers within the Rhino File.