Grasshoper louver design

Hi I been trying to design a Louver Facade System with grasshopper with no success. What I am trying to achieve exactly is to use this aproach on the curvature of the louvers according to my solar analyisis with Ladybug:

this is the approach

this is the result

My file has the solar analyisis results for dec and june and the blue mesh

The blue surface is covering the areas that the analysis marked. The problem is that my grasshopper knowledge is limited, Ive done some research but can’t accomplish what Im trying to do and Im a little worried.
Hope someone can help.

I tried to divide the main lines of the blue surface by points but it doesnt follows the first approach. I thank you for your time and your help

01.- contains the surfaces (red and blue)
TEST.- contains my main solar charts, graphs and radiation analysis
ESTRUCTURA.- contains my structural design for the buildings conected by a bridge