Lost the Bake context menu

When right clicking on the canvas and selecting bake, I’m unable to see the dialog window that it loads up. I’m guessing this is a second screen thing, but I couldn’t work out a way to restore whilst I don’t have access to the additional screens.

Otherwise, no baking for me.

Edit: Turns out it’s a multiple components thing. Is this considered a known bug? Shift selecting components and selecting Bake doesn’t bring up the dialog? Crikey, turns otu it’s even more specific than that. Selecting both components and right-clikc bake on a component and it does it, right on the canvas, and it doesn’t. But NB, in this case it only bakes the right clciked component. That’s what I thought the point of right clciking on the cavas was.


Right clicking on the canvas and selecting bake will bake any selected components to the currently active layer in Rhino (no dialog).

Right clicking on a component brings up the dialog, but it only bakes the component you right clicked on.


Hmm. Why is it decided to not have a context menu? Well, I’m glad it’s not a bug!