Live baking grasshopper command

I can’t find this command in Rhino 8 last release:

If you type in Bake you’ll see the Content Cache component. It has a number up recent upgrades, including the Eggy icon.

Ah ok!
I’ve noticed it but I haven’t seen the hidden commands so I was able only to push and not to pull back the objects. Thanks

to access the ZUI (Zoom Ui commands) you can right click and Show or Hide parameters.

The shortcuts to Show/Hide are Shift/Cntl double click on the component.

This is very useful on large components, once something is connected to an input/output it won’t be hidden.

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I agree.

Hi ,

For my side trying to replicate the demo video , I do not have the same (right click) context menu. Mine is missing : Mode > Insert, Update.

Do I miss something?

ps: even when I download the demo file from the 'New features" page. :

Thanks for you help.


  • Windows 10
  • Rhino:8.1.23325
  • GH : Thuesday 21 Nov 2023 13:00 1.0.0007
  • I have also Rhino 6 installed on the same machine

Yes, the demo video is a little outdated since we’ve made some changes to the component since it was made. As mentioned, this component has sorta morphed more into the “Content Cache” component which bakes geometry to a specifically named cache object in the model. It’s a smart component in that it’s capable of keeping track of different objects (within different caches) and updates them when the object changes. Basically, this is what the original “Update Mode” was doing although it’s a little better at it now. The “Insert Mode” was removed from this Content Cache component. Insert mode was basically just adding a copy of whatever content you passed into it… So, it is much more akin to the current way geometry is “Baked” in Grasshopper. We are considering adding a different (more simple) “Bake” component which would essentially do what the “Insert Mode” option was doing before. So in essence you would eventually have two separate components which could add content to the document. One is a smart component which is capable of updating existing model objects (ie.Content Cache) and one which simply adds a copy of the content to the document (ie. Simple Baker). Does this make sense?


Thanks for your answer , then I will stop right cliking like a maniac on this component ! :slight_smile: