Lost files after Mac update

Hi, I have been using the eval, I am trying to juggle learning this with prototyping, and setting up this, and running another business so am having struggling to get up to speed.
I have created various files for prototyping and was clearing out my folders as a spring clean and looking forward to making another start and knew exactly where all my rhino work was saved… (on my imac)
My macbookpro then requested a system update… since then cloud must have opened or something has messed it all up as my rhino files seem to have depleted and are now synced on both computers in depleted form. One file in particular i am working on has completely disappeared and isnt anywhere at all including my trash. Im really pissed at this and wondering what might have happened… anyone else had this? I thought Rhino files were supposed to be safe and more likely to duplicate that dissappear???

hi Ash, sorry to hear, any luck finding the files again? this is one reason i never trusted the cloud to it. i can easily miss out on the advantages of it.

you may have a chance still but its not a promise and i did not read far into it, but you might have to be fast since this only works for 10 days or so.

here a link

Yeah, that’s how Dropbox works as well except you get 30 days recovery for the free account and 120 for a paid pro account.