Looking to simplify via Lists


I am finding basic information (centroids, heights, areas, etc) from this model.
Some Breps have different lists even though they are the exact same “shape”. some do share same information. I’m assuming is because of the way they were modeled.
I am looking to simplify this “code” using lists/items in a more efficient way.
for that I assume I would need to be able to dictate the way the object is broken down. and see if I can dictate the way the list is presented.

Thank you in advance.

Please upload your file with internalized geometries & describe what you’re trying to achieve. A screenshot is helpful but far from sufficient.

centroids v4.gh (34.2 KB)
Rhino File.3dm (503.8 KB)


I am trying to find ways to simplify the grasshopper expressions

…please describe what your definition is supposed to do, exactly.
Do you need the center line of the core or do you need its height as a number?

centroids v4_re.gh (86.7 KB)