Looking to pay someone to render a few sketchup scenes from a model using SU podium

I’ve been having a lot of issues rendering with SU podium the last two years, models crash, get currupted, and render with no lighting no matter how many times you set it up/ fix the problems. And with all the work I haven’t had time to learn another software. I’m in a crunch for school and I can’t afford to have this happen again and have to spend precious hours trying to photoshop screenshots from sketchup.

So I’m hoping for the best because this time I have a better computer, but it won’t save me from my dreaded lighting disasters. If worst comes to worst I was hoping I could pay someone with more experience dealing with these issues or has a better computer to handle the model.

The reason I’m asking for SU podium is because the materials are all already set and I heard a lot of programs like Vray or maybe it was bloom unit, require their own standard of materials.

If anyone is interested please let me know, thanks!