Looking to get area of a closed curve in units of Acres

is there a plugin button or script i can edit to be able add acres to area calculation ?

I’ve been using a very basic area multiplcation in grasshopper to do this, i was just wondering if there was a quicker way to do so in rhino itself without grasshopper ?

Hi Nicholas -

I don’t know if this is any quicker, but text fields support basic arithmetic operations, so you could create a text object with an Area text field and then add the operation.

Here is a quickie Python script adapted from one of my others to report the combined area of selected closed curves and planar surfaces in acres… Hope I got the conversion factor right.

AreaInAcres.py (1.6 KB)

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Created a rhino button with this script of yours,
perfect solution thank you very much Helvetosaur!

You did, but as an acre is an imperial unit it might be considered more elegant to work in feet (an acre being 43,560 square feet):



OK, point noted, I just grabbed one of my scripts that reported in meters and added the conversion factor.