Looking for the wiki

Dear Kiwi3D team,

It seams there used to be a wiki about the plugin and/or carat++, however the various links spread over the different threads here on the forum all return “unreachable”.
The root subdomain seems unreachable as well: http://carat.st.bv.tum.de/ .
did the wiki moved somewhere else? did it go the way of the dodo?

Would be happy to dive in some documentation:)


Hey, we’ll try to get it back online.

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apparently, it is still available with Firefox. Don’t ask me why. We’ll try to fix this.

Hi Anna,

Thank you for taking that seriously!
Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t work either (at least for me).
FireFox version 106.0 (20221010110315)


Just tried in Edge and it works… :upside_down_face:
Edge Version 106.0.1370.47 (Official build) (64-bit)

Might be an http vs https address thing although it shouldn’t?
Firefox seems stricter in enforcing https (even if https only is disabled in the settings).

It also seems st.bv.tum.de has been replaced by https://www.cee.ed.tum.de.
Is that correct and could that also be a source of trouble?
At least in the wiki, there are definitely some links that are bit-rotten.

Ok, one more hypothesis:

Even in Edge, I could actually only reach the wiki once…
Is there some (very) strict gateway/anti-bot filtering access to the wiki?
I don’t think my client is anything special (FireFox/Windows/University Network) but still, single connection rings a special bell.

FWIW, that site works fine here, on both Edge and Chrome.

Think I found the culprit.
:point_right:Cookies from tum.de :point_left:

when deleted, the wiki works (tested with Carat++ Public Wiki).

As soon as you visit a tum.de site (tested with https://www.cee.ed.tum.de/cee/startseite/), the wiki does not load anymore.

It’s repeatable (locally at least), tested deleting the cookies again and it loads fine.