Looking for the full version of Packrat

Good afternoon.

I’m working in a project where packaging optimization is crucial. I’m not proficient with scripting right now and I found Packrat plug in being perfect for the solutions i’m looking for

The thing is that in the webpage is no longer available, and I’ve been trying to reach Yannis with no success to this day.

Does someone have the contact or maybe, (if it isn’t very rude…) have the full version of the plug in?

If someone does, please contact me. Is

Thanks in advance.


I can not directly help you with packrat – but maybe opennest is an alternative.

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Hello, Konrad.

I haven’t used opennest intensively. I will give it a try.

However, the featurse in the Packrat component were really helpful.

Let me show you an example of what I’m trying to do with this video

I have this collection of 106 different cases of lotifications. Those are, statistically, the cases that always appear in the urbanized zones of the city where I live.

So what I’m trying to achieve is the most optimal cases of housing spaces combination and get feedback in different indicators as builded surface, quantity of spaces, ventilation, etc.

The problem here is that when I was developing this, I didn’t knew that it would be very close to what I was looking for. So when I tried to buy the full plug in it wasn’t available anymore.

But I’ll check on the OpenNest to see if I can reach a solution to it. I’m not closed to it.

I hope that, when I finish school, I have the time to get immerse in the custom coding of tools and have the oportunity of researching in a right way this kind of problems.

Thanks again, Konrad.


I understand this reply comes very late, however I’d like to mention that Packrat is once again available.

More info in Food4Rhino.


Never too late, Yannis. Thank you very much!

YAnnis. Thank you again for your attention. I’m really interested in acquiring the commercial version. Is there a way to contact you directly to see the conditions fo the purchase? Thank you again, and I hope to hear from you soon.


I’ve sent you a PM.