Looking for someone to explain Rhino WIP and what exactly is it and why is it only free for 45 days

Hi there, I am an architecture student and I love working on Revit but it somehow doesn’t let me build to my full potential and design organic forms so I moved to rhino but I got to know about Rhino Inside Revit and looked for it. Before installing I get a warning that it is only available for 45 days and RHINO WIP EXPIRES after that.
I am currently using Rhino 7 Evaluation Trial

So my doubts are-

Does rhino Inside and Rhino 7 share same license or not? As I was thinking to go for student license for rhino 7 but I am not sure if it is the same for rhino inside

Secondly, What is Rhino WIP and how is it different from Rhino 7

Basiclly I want to design stuff, forms to an extent in rhino but detail it in revit without going much back and forth to ensure legible modeling and minimal errors

I want to use revit to add details like walls, doors all the structural part

Rhino.Inside.Revit is a work in progress project at the time. Stable builds publish every now and then. If you use a single build, it will last in 45 days so you got to upgrade to a new build to be able to use Rhino inside Revit. It is nothing to worry about. Every time you see and orange icon on the Rhino button in Revit, you should update your plugin.

Single license for Rhinoceros 7 is enough.

^^ What Mucahitbgoker said.

A few additions.

There is a Daily Build (WIP) and a Stable Build for Rhino.Inside.Revit. You can set the notifications to either.

Rhino WIP is Rhino 8, Rhino.Inside.Revit is for Rhino 7 only at this point.


So, correct me if I interpreted it wrongly. But what you mean to say is that if I hold a Rhino 7 License I have access to Rhino Inside Revit? Just that I need to update it every 45 days?

So WIP as in it is not officially completed but a release of a work in progress version so more or less like a BETA?

Rhino.Inside Revit works as a plugin in Revit. So you have to update the plugin, not Rhino itself. If you go to this page you would see a setup file for Rhino.Inside other than Rhino 7. Since it is in “Beta” phase and if you are using Daily Builds, you gotta update it every now and then to have the latest features.

oh okay. Thank you so much

Is there an ETA on Rhino 8 WIP support? I would really love to test/ use some of the new features, including sketching and the new constraints.

Hi Intuos, That i do not know. There aren’t firm development schedules for Rhino 8 or Rhino.Inside.Revit’s support of it. The RiR aspect is more about maintaining different builds simultaneously vs technical development.

Allright. Does this mean it could be possible to support Rhino 8 relatively soon-ish?
Then I can atleast plan ahead and know whether I can go with ‘experimental’ features for my project.

You can be assured that any effort put into Rhino 8 WIP will eventually be available using Rhino.Inside.Revit; RhinoCode being a major one, as well as constraints, shrinkwrap and some of the other features being worked on.

Relatively soon-ish works for me. I’ll see if i can get a timeline-ish out of the Dev meeting tomorrow.

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Haha thanks-ish! :stuck_out_tongue:
Guess I’ll have to work with that.
At least you know you’re onto something good when customers can’t wait to get the latest and greatest. :wink:

E: I see, constraints are not production ready yet, so no hurry. Though sketching in Rhino.Inside.Revit would still be a very welcome improvement.