Looking for some scanned data

Hi Forum, I am looking for some scanned data, mesh, or point cloud of something in which to build into nurbs. I saw Sky Greenwald do something like a engine cover once on a webinar. Anyway, something like that. Any place a person can find such info? Thank you all,Mark

Hi Mark,

i am teaching in a scanlab and can offer you a test file. Anything specific you want ? Eg. fully freeform prezels and bananas, ugly scans with lots of noise or more mechanical modeling like a computer mouse ? You can choose if only pointcloud or mesh.

Also taking a look at example scans of various scanner manufacturer pages might give plenty of examples to choose from. In case of tasty textured scans you might also take a look here. :wink:


Hi Clement, thanks for writing back. I am looking for something very challenging. Something more for t-splines. I have shape modeling too. Wanting to get familiar and comfortable with scan data as a guide. I have used a tape measure and photos for all my work up to now.
Best regards,Mark

Some of the downloadable scan samples from Fuel3D perhaps?


CarterTG, I will look at this site. Thank you,Mark

Hi Mark, i’ll send you some example sceenshots via pm tonight to chose from.


Ok, look forward to it.