Looking for optimum material utilization in Karamba


I am looking for ways to have the optimal material utilization for a fixed geometry using Karamba.

The geometry is a jute rope cable tensile mesh. I want to know the minimum thickness required for the jute rope for the geometry to be stable.

Also I want to get stress line analysis for the geometry.

Attached is the script of the attempt which I’ve done, but wasn’t successful.

Thanks In advance.


Karamba Analysis.gh (103.5 KB)


you are using a mix of old and new components in your definition. It would be good to use the same components in your definition.

One problem in your geometry setup is that you have kinks in your rope geometry. Also there are many points in your geometry, where the curves are continuous without a crossing curve. This of course will cause failure as you have defined rotating joints between these members, and the Analysis component gives your errors. When you display the deformation in the BeamView component, you can see these moments are highlighted as pink.

I have tried to update your script, but you will need to fix the geometry before Karamba3D will give you accurate results. Karamba Analysis_mt.gh (110.7 KB)

Hello Mathew,

Thank you for responding and sending me your advise.
I got the geometry from Kangaroo solver. I have selected another geometry which had lesser kinks. The geometry now is not missing the curves hence, Karamba is giving better results now.
I have also replaced the old components with the new ones.
Attached is the file for the same
Karamba Analysis_mt.gh (118.1 KB)


You still have several “Old” Karamba components in your last GH file (check Mat Props and Loads components).

Perhaps this is what affects your results.


sorry for the late reply. You need to make sure that you have defined initial strain in your cables to be able to simulate the behaviour of the cable. I have just applied an arbitary load, but this should be defined according to your design. When this is applied, you will see that the model starts to perform correctly

Karamba Analysis_mt.gh (125.9 KB)