Looking for an arctic setting to print with less fill shading

Hi forum, I am wanting to print in Arctic mode, but with less gray in print. Similar to a line drawing, but with not much shading. Anyone know how to make a setting that is near white for shading? I have gone to display options and un-ticked Adjust input colors. That lightened it up a bit, but looking for more control. Thanks, Mark

You could play around with ‘Output image gamma’ just below the ‘Adjust input colors’, increasing will reduce grays. Eventually it will start to blend into the white background without lines though.
Alternatively you can lighten the ‘Ambient color’ a bit further down in the properties under ‘Lighting scheme’.

Thanks for those options to try. I was afraid of losing some edges. What I was shooting for was a coloring book style print, so I could color in to show a client different color schemes. I was looking to have nice crisp lines.—-Mark