Looking for a great rectangle packing definition

Hi all, I’m looking for a great rectangle packing definition. Can anybody direct me to a great definition to do this? Cheers, Frank

I found this one which looks cool, can sombody help me add predefined geometry to the rectangles in order to create interesting patterns? Cheers! Frank

In general packing problems target (1) classic commercial packing (like filling a container with boxes and/or other protected objects) … or (2) are more or less “abstract” like this:

… or (3) are oriented towards efficient cutting in 1D (tubes and the likes) or in 2D (sheets) .Say: how we can cut the ultra expensive titanium pieces for Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao skin?. Obviously for cases like this you need a very fast algo that can run in parallel with the design procces dealing with many pieces - kind of “an advisor” like a classic mold advisor in MCAD design.

I would be surprised if you can find a high perf take on that matter. Reason is that problems like these have significant impact/value in too many real-life situations … thus equivalent solutions are strictly internal. For instance for the 3rd option imagine a bunch of random Rectangles like this freaky mess:

And their solved layout (in “stripes”) in a manner that allows “linear” (laser, hydro etc etc) cutting from any given sheet(s) with the min possible waste.

Obviously any given stripe requires finishing on a per item (in this case Rectangle) basis:

But if you are familiar with C# - level advanced to expert - first do a rather extensive search on that matter … and then I could provide some indicative hints.

PS: Obviously some pack approach like this (solely for cutting)… has no real-life meaning