Lofting two rectangles correctly

Hi, guys!

I’m dealing with 100% grasshopper modeling like the image. I have problem with lofting two rectangles. The order of points are twisted. Does anybody know how to solve it?

Upload gh file and internalize data

Here is one solution
Lofting two rectangles correctly (16.3 KB)

Thank you for your answer but it doesn’t work well :frowning:

Actually I extracted closest face of cubes by python script like below.

in this case, how can I solve this? (7.3 KB)

Thank you for advice.

Check this demo. Pufferfish plugin is needed. (24.3 KB)

Wow it was really close dude! Unfortunately there’s one problem of this process.

I couldn’t find the way match that one point to vertex of the cube :fearful:
Sorry for my poor skills… (12.4 KB)

You didn’t internalized your breps.

hm… It dosen’t make any change though…

It seem you don’t understand what I mean.
When you post your gh file, you should internalize your breps otherwise someone who try to help you can’t have yours…

Sorry. I was stupid. (30.6 KB) (29.5 KB)

It works! Thank you very much! :blush:

My experience is that selecting seam location based on closest points does not give always best-look-loft if breps are side-displaced & rotated. Using minimum sum of square distance to select best seam-location gives better result in these ceases. (38.7 KB)

Never thought of aligning to the control points, nice idea, I’ll add it to the next version of align seam as an option.

Just now re-uploaded Pufferfish V2.2 and added some more options to the Align Curve Seams component, one of which lets you Snap aligned seams only to corners (if corners exist).

Loft_re (ohSnap).gh (23.0 KB)