Loft Problem

I´m having some serious problem for making a loft from a bunch of curves, any help woukd be great.
Thank you in anticipation. (11.5 KB) Untitled.3dm (854.0 KB)

Your curves are in different directions.

I don´t know how to fix it, could it be possible you make it.
Thank for the fast response :slight_smile:

Your curves all have very different numbers of points which isn’t ideal for lofting.

Try this:

The heel isn’t perfect yet. Alignment can be tricky

PS: next time please also internalize your inputs. You only have to upload one file and the person who’s helping also just needs to download one file (713.0 KB)

You can use contour and than fix the curves (715.8 KB)

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There is something subtle going on here. Depending on the shape and how many divisions you make (and a possibly corrupted mesh), it’s possible to get more than one section at specific points which will cause the loft to fail. This solution sorts the sections for each Mesh | Plane (Sec) intersection and chooses the largest one, ignoring any others. It uses a bounding box so doesn’t depend on any other lines. (15.5 KB)

When the geometry is large, as in this case, there is an advantage in keeping it separate from the code.


854 KB isn’t really a large file

Your 713 KB GH file is 46 times larger than my 15.5 KB GH file. You must be young?

Yes but you have to download the second file.

Only once. This is a silly argument.

You also have to open two files.

Furthermore your heel looks just as terrible as in my loft…

@jorgegranell1997 … Maybe, SubD might be a better way for your foot problem. I assume you want a smooth object based on your scan data. Quad Remesh the mesh, and you will be able to push / pull where required. Something which is less intuitive with a loft based on cross section curves…

foot.3dm (3.0 MB)

can someone help me to create a surface of this mesh Capture

mesh to (2.0 MB)

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