Lofting Metropol parasol. Lofting several curves into one

Hello!!! I´m trying to model the Metropol Parasol, Seville. But I´m quite stuck. I have the “outlines” of it. However I´m not being able to get a surface.

Here´s what I have until now. (43.4 KB)
I´ve tried sorting them and lofting. Dividing and trying to create a mesh. But with no luck.

Thank you very much in advance!!! (59.6 KB)

Thank you very much Josheph!!!
I opened it and I got the same result I´ve had for a while. It gets all scrambled

Any idea why? Which release are you working with?

No idea why. Your screen shot looks similar to mine though? Do you understand my code? I had to ‘Cull’ one of the curves because it wasn’t “closed”, so prevented ‘Loft’ from working. Grasshopper Version 0.9.0076

P.S. Instead of ‘Area C’ you could try ‘End (End Points) S’. You could try ‘Loft options | Align sections’? You could adjust the ‘Seam’ (start/end) of all curves so they are aligned.

Would be nice to verify that your results are different than mine (which would be weird).

Here´s the same angle of your screenshot.

I tried what you propose. And the result is the same…

for this type of modelling you better use polygonal modeling and some subdivision technique Subd and/or Catmull&Clark. There are many examples here and with other tool.

The technique here is :
Make a rough shape with a mesh with quads
I use Catmull and Clark to have an organic shape, I move the result in order to see the result
Move face, point, edge of the mesh in order to change the shape. All the trick is to have enough faces to make what you want and not too much to keep the modelling simple.
It is also possible to use Rhino Wip Subd, but not mandatory. You could keep doing mesh modelling. And at the end make subd and then Brep.
I also use Bowerbird for waffle.
Starling is used to close the mesh for BB Waffle, so mandatory if no waffle !

I internalize the mesh I use, you will have to bake it in order to modify it.
metropol parasol (23.5 KB)

Happy modelling

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Wow! Thank you very much! I didn´t though that procedure.
I´ll give it a try!

Thanks again!