Loft issues

Hello [again] Forum.
I’m trying to resolve what I’d expected to be a relatively simple loft…but, there are issues.
It doesn’t want to work.
It did work once…but it was twisted…I tried to fix that…but now nothing works ;-(
A solution is most welcome.
Kind regards,
Jason (39.3 KB)

Loft is not the right tool for this. I created an extrusion and split it instead, but that leaves an ‘Open Brep’ instead of ‘Closed Brep’ (“solid”) so I’m not sure how to join it with the domed brep part?

P.S. OH! I’m surprised and delighted that SUnion does the job!! I didn’t expect that. (52.3 KB)

In the process, I found this section of your code where you split the “domed loft” with an elliptical solid (extruded scaled circle) and created its missing edge surface. Nice, except for two things:

  1. This Brep Join didn’t yield a ‘Closed Brep’, you got an ‘Untrimmed Surface’ and an ‘Open Brep’. That’s incorrect! You should have stopped right there. It turns out that all you had to do was flatten the input to Brep Join (data trees again!) but I re-wrote that section anyway (yellow group above).

  2. Before that, you Move the elliptical solid and then wire in a useless SUnion component which does absolutely nothing. You should have noticed that.

You’ve made progress though, congratulations.

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This is great @Joseph_Oster
I feel myself beginning to see script in a different way now.
Thank for the solution …and, of course, the descriptive explanations.
Kind regards,