Loft set of lines along a surface problem when one of the lines is not continuous

I’m very new to grasshopper and I’m having trouble lofting a set of lines and it’s offsets along a surface. One they are complete I have no problem, but some of them get out of the surface and then go into it again (I used contour to divide a brep). When this happens, grasshopper select the correct curves but tries to loft the end of the extrusion with the beginning point of the original curve, creating an strange surface.
Sorry if this is too easy but I have been using grasshopper for two days literally and can’t find a solution.
I attach a screenshot of the curves and the problem.

At a glance, this surface is defined better by its “ribs” in the ‘v’ (y?) direction, which are all intact and visible, instead of lofting “splines” with missing segments (yellow curves) in the ‘u’ (x?) direction.

Yeah, that’s a much better definition, sorry for my english. Those splines on ‘u’ are a projection (as the ribs on ‘v’, too) but the problem appears when there are missing segments. I mean, the same would happen to ‘v’ segments if some it was missing too. I don’t know if I can isolate these segments to make an special definition just for them or if I’m missing something.
I attach the gh and the 3dm files so you can see what I am trying to do. (If you can, of course)
I mean, ribs on both directions (x,y)

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Bóveda.3dm (265.1 KB) Modelo (12.2 KB)

Graft the output of Contour and Loft works fine as is.

Modelo (14.6 KB)

It worked fine as you said, I didn’t know about these options.Now I have to investigate further about data trees and so on. Thank you so much!