Lock surface outline at z=0

I’m trying to sculpt an object that can stand on a flat surface. I want it to have a certain volume so I’ve created a network and played around drawing the points upwards to make a kind of relief. But since some parts of the object are thin, as I touch the surface points, the outline of the curve, which I’d like to keep flat, is also bending in the same direction. I would like to figure out whether it’s possible to force the outline of the shape to stay horizontal at z=0, while the inner surface could be bent upwards. Here is a screenshot of the situation:

Hi Florent - I do not see how to do that with any precision. One thing you can do after adjusting is

  1. ExtractRenderMesh
  2. Give that mesh and the level curve to the Patch command, and use Starting Surface in Patch and select your surface. Set ‘Starting surface pull’ to 1 to start with.

Mesh is hidden here. Red is the initial surface, blue the adjusted one.


Hi Pascal, thank you for your answer.