Location of KangarooSolver.dll shipping with Rhino Mac?

Hey folks,
I am looking for the location of the KangarooSolver.dll file that ships with Rhino Mac. Can some of the devs give me a hint here? It is not in the usual location (GH Components/Library folder) but it’s definitely installed (I see the K2 components and can use them).

Context: I want to reference it in a GhPython script. Usually I don’t use Rhino Mac but currently I’m developing some python-based userobjects that reference Kangaroo2 and I would like the components to find the file ‘automagically’ also on mac.

Any help appreciated!

Hi Max, do the answers in this thread help?:

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Hey Daniel,
thank you so much for your reply! I guess that will be the solution, will try it as soon as I’m on my dev-mac again.
I’m sorry for asking despite there was an answer already! Somehow I didn’t find it when I searched the forum. :cold_sweat: Anyway - thank you for the help, much appreciated!

EDIT This was indeed the solution!

Here is the actual code I asked this for, in case it helps someone…
GitHub gist: Kangaroo 2 Assembly Selector

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@efestwin I was able to edit the path on windows to remedy the problem, but going to your github link this looks like it would allow the path to be adjusted automatically? Where do you put this code?

You can put it at the top of your GhPython scripts if you want to use KangarooSolver programmatically inside a GhPython component.
The snippet will look for the KangarooSolver.dll that ships with Rhino depending on the version of Rhino and the os you’re running. So it should automatically recognize new versions etc. See attached screenshot for example.

The path to KangarooSolver.dll on Mac Os X for WIP V8


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Nice, thank you! I took the liberty to update that here:

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