Location of KangarooSolver.dll shipping with Rhino Mac?

Hey folks,
I am looking for the location of the KangarooSolver.dll file that ships with Rhino Mac. Can some of the devs give me a hint here? It is not in the usual location (GH Components/Library folder) but it’s definitely installed (I see the K2 components and can use them).

Context: I want to reference it in a GhPython script. Usually I don’t use Rhino Mac but currently I’m developing some python-based userobjects that reference Kangaroo2 and I would like the components to find the file ‘automagically’ also on mac.

Any help appreciated!

Hi Max, do the answers in this thread help?:

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Hey Daniel,
thank you so much for your reply! I guess that will be the solution, will try it as soon as I’m on my dev-mac again.
I’m sorry for asking despite there was an answer already! Somehow I didn’t find it when I searched the forum. :cold_sweat: Anyway - thank you for the help, much appreciated!

EDIT This was indeed the solution!

Here is the actual code I asked this for, in case it helps someone…
GitHub gist: Kangaroo 2 Assembly Selector

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