How to install Kangaroo?

Following this post, I created some additional subfolders in ~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros – I didn’t have MacPlugIns/Grasshopper/Libraries

I dropped Kangaroo2.gha (v. 2.1.4) in there and relaunched Rhino WIP (5C249w), but no new toolbars appear.

Any help appreciated!

I guess GH should find it anyway but regardless, where do you end up if - from within Grasshopper - you go to: File > Special Folders > Components?

Hi David,
Did you also copy the KangarooSolver.dll into the same location? It needs both the .gha and the .dll to work.

Superb! Thanks both @wim and @DanielPiker – it’s all working now and I’m very grateful.

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