Loading gh file problem:


I found Laurent Delrieu 's code A plugin or definition dealing with crystalline growth? Like a geode? - #7 by closedcurve (very good crystal generation, check it out!) and tried to open the latest version. However, I ran into the following 3 problems: (this also happened to me for some other gh files)

1 I don’t see anything in the viewport (I set many items to ‘preview’ mode, but nothing shows up)
2 It looks like the not-selected items (I only saw them because I create them with new modules, given 1 above) are blue. How can I change the color this way? (I want black/grey, like dark glass kind of effect)
3 is there such a thing as ‘list of objects’ in Rhino? For 1, I tried baking but, in Rhino (and ran the Show command), nothing shows up. In lots of modeling programs there is a menu that tells me where the objects are

Thanks a lot!

for the file, I changed MeshDual to ‘wb dual mesh.’ It looks like the same thing but, I can’t confirm with the preview not working.
crystal laurent_delrieu.gh (380.9 KB)

For 1, this Geode/crystalline growth on subd form - #4 by laurent_delrieu updated version works!

Is there a difference between wb dual mesh and Dual Mesh? It looks like wb dual mesh gives a lot of non-planar curves