No rendered preview from GH in RH6

Hi all,

Got this problem as in the attached image. Not sure why. All is there in shaded, but not in rendered mode. Was all there in rendered before. No sun. no extra materials. Rendered mode works well on a new gh-file. So can’t be my rhino or grasshopper version. running the latest of RH6 and GH. Is there anything I can check, to switch off the preview? Is there a file size limit or so?

If previews work in rendered for other files, then there must be something wrong with this one. Perhaps an error happens way at the beginning of the preview and it causes everything else to be short-circuited. Can you upload the file so I can see if it works here?

Hi David,

thanks for the qucik reply. attached the definition. (original brick not yet embedded).


It seems to be a clipping issue. Can you confirm that the Rendered preview works if you draw a circle around the house in Rhino?

Hi David,
Yes, I can confirm on that. Circle around the house makes it appear in rendered view. Maybe too far off origin then?
Thanks very much!

Actually I think the problem is there was nothing in the rhino file at all. That must cause some function to abort the display process before the custom preview meshes are even considered.

Logged under RH-46486.

Right, just tested to move everything back to origin in GH and that didn’t solve the issue. So it seems it only displays once there is any Rhino geometry drawn. Or- just tried - I scaled the geomoetry after moving it back to origin by 0.01 (0.1 was not enough) and then it appears.
So if geometry exceeds certain amount of units in xyz it doesn’t show in rendered?

…unless there is a point or any rhino geometry of course as found out.