Geode/crystalline growth on subd form

I’m a novice user of Grasshopper, and I’m currently trying to create a crystal growth on an existing Rhino model using Grasshopper. I’ve tried other crystal definitions on here but I keep running into error messages. (Maybe because I’m using Mac/not the right plugins?) I would really appreciate the help!

crystalchair.3dm (3.6 MB)

Hello it is very hard to help you.
What are these messages (screen copy, text copy …)
Which output do you intend to do ?

The current one is this message, about the Ngon plugin, and then my file crashes. I intend to create a 3dm file for rendering, I don’t intend to 3D print or anything. (Sorry if I misunderstood the question!) I guess I just want to know if it is an issue with my file or with my computer, which is a bit old. If necessary I can borrow a better one.

Message log start (chronological):

Plugin version: 1.0.0007

Input parameter chunk is missing. Archive is corrupt.

Input parameter chunk is missing. Archive is corrupt.

Object list read

Ngon is not mandatory, just 2 years ago it was working better than some other tools. So change it by triremesh and it must work better, I hope because I am not on Mac so some tools could not work.

20221020_crystal growth perfect (393.5 KB)

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Thank you so much for your patience and for the original crystal definition, this worked well!