List Block Document component options bug

List Block Document component : there seems to be no visual cue to tell if the “Update Component” and “Full Name” options are toggled On or Off.
This is a super-big issue for me because this component is at the very root of my definition which manages block properties.

I use two of these components to sort the blocks which are embeded and those which are referenced.
I think that this component should expose these two parameters as inputs, which would allow an external condition (like an option in a UI) to toogle them.

On or Off

EDIT : Somehow, the “Full Name” option tick came back, but with a file containing less blocks.
It’s like if too many blocks would overwhelm the interaction with this option.

Regarding the update, I realize it’s not an option : it’s a trigger (which is not obvious).
The need to expose this as an option is even greater then…

It’s a bit ironical that currently, the only way to control the update of these components is to use Metahopper :wink: